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Simonida Perica Uth comes from long linage of politicians and artist in the family. Her early interests where Archeology and Painting. She has graduated from the School for Industrial Design, Graphic Department and then went to the University of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. Simonida was so thorough in her studies of the human form that she went to the University of Medicine, Anatomy classes.

While studying, she worked part time in the Belgrade RTV and Avala film studios as an intern: she was fortunate to meet and fallow productions of some renown film directors like Sergei Fedorovich Bondarchuk, Francis Ford Coppola, Orson Wales, and actors like Danny Kaye, Horst Buchholz and many more. Her father Radomir Perica was a multiple time winner of the Gutenberg Award for the best graphic design in Europe and her mother Vera was a director of drawing department at Avala Film Studios (Belgrade, Serbia).

Growing up traveling and watching her father designing thousands of square meters space for the Yugoslavia-Public exhibitions of fashion and Industries in Beijing, Moscow, Prague to Paris, she acquired knowledge of the trade.

After she moved to USA she had opportunity to design and execute few large events personally including: Entire event design, décor of the banquet room execution of stage design, and art for posters, catalogues, and publicity for the Annual Bastille Day Celebrations at French Embassy, Washington, D.C. (1993—1997), Annual Fund Raising for Hospice of North Virginia, Ritz Carlton, McLean, VA. (1996).

In 2007 Simonida was Exhibit Designer and Curator at The Historical Society of Washington D.C. for the exhibit “Wages of War: Bonus Army to Baghdad”. Exhibit was so successful that was honored two Washington Post articles.

After she has moved to United States she was for awhile Mosaic Artist at St. Sophia Cathedral, Washington, DC (1980,1981). Simonida assisted in creation of mosaics as last apprentice to the Master Dimitry Dukas.

For two years she was Project Assistant in Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC, Involved in transfer of all bibliographical data on Byzantine studies on to microfiche an Harvard-Oxford collaboration. As an artist her fascination with symbol and psychological interpretation of the same she has studied work of C.J. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz. Simonida and Ms. Von Franz had some personal communications. On the occasion of Jungian psychology and Symbolism in Art she was a guest lecturer at the Goucher College, Baltimore MD.

Last two decades Simonida is working as Art Director and Executive Producer on documentaries that are publicly shown on PBS.





















  Areas of Expertise:
Entire event design, décor of the banquet room execution of stage design, and art for posters, catalogues, and publicity. Simonida's experience as artist and creator of Mosaic in-concrete (indirect method) and in-mortar (direct method), Fresco (al primo and secco), Icon, Oil paintings, Tempera, Acrylic, Drawings in: china ink, silver point, sanguine, oil pastel, Metal leaf on any material including a human body (she has developed special nontoxic medium especially for this purpose 1998). Graphic Art Techniques: Aquatint and Etchings.
Digital Graphic Art, expert in logo creation and digital restoration of images. Worked on over 500 Images for the book “Mario Bava, all the colors of the dark” by Tim Lucas, introduction by Martin Scorsese.

Professional Achievement and Awards:
Simonida has worked as a executive Producer: National Emmy nomination for the documentary "Hallowed Grounds", America's Overseas Military Cemeteries in 2010, she has also worked as Art Director for a National Emmy Award Winner for 2001, historical documentary "Korean War Stories".


Simonida had few International exhibitions with her oil on canvas paintings:

Museum Cvijeta Zuzoric (1980), Belgrade,Serbia

Gallery Lorelei (1981), Brussels, Belgium

Gallery Milan (1981), Berlin, West Germany

TRW Exhibition (1981), Los Angeles, California

Gallery Sokolov (1981), Laguna Beach, California

ArtExpo (1986), New York, NY

Luther Gallery (1988), Washington, DC

International Club of Washington (1991) Washington, DC

Alex Gallery (1992), Washington, DC

Nazarian Bros. (1993), Washington, DC

B’nai B’rith Museum (1994), Washington, DC

Creighton University Gallery (1997), Omaha, Nebraska

B’nai B’rith Museum (1998), Washington, DC

Liliana Gallery (2002), Lenox, Massachusetts